Ananta Universal

Consulting Fashion and Apparel Industry

Why Supply Chain Consulting?

Fashion industry holds high potential to make an impact, positive or negative. We trust with the right strategy and mindset, it is possible to grow sustainably and make a positive impact while doing so. Over 25 years experience in fashion industry, combined with our passion and understanding of systems transformation places us in a unique position to offer this service to fashion industry.

Our Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our extensive knowledge and network in this industry allows us to connect the right partners and facilitate collaboration across the world.

Growth strategy

We assist in custom designing the right strategy for our clients considering various potential avenues for growth such as: ​ - Upward or downward integration - Product diversification - New locations (domestic or international) - Entering new market segments - Developing new clients / markets - Maximizing current client base and more

Supply chain Management

Over two decades of first hand experience in the apparel industry gives us the capability to streamline internal processes of the organization improving performance and developing capability.