Ananta Universal


Ananta is a boutique consulting and leadership transformation firm focused on facilitating growth through value addition and improving performance.

  • Our leadership transformation work facilitates growth through increasing Team alignment, Employee engagement, Developing leadership capabilities and Culture adaptation in an increasingly complex marketplace.

  • We offer a unique combination of thorough understanding of Fashion industry dynamics as well as System Transformation.

  • Our consulting experience is in fashion industry supply chain, where we focus on increasing value sustainably through Mergers and Acquisitions, Growth Strategies, Market Expansion and Supply Chain Management.

About Us

"The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor"

William O’ Brien

Our Philosophy – ‘The Field of Infinite Potentiality’

Ananta is a Sanskrit word that translates to “with no end”, “eternal” or “Infinite”…

We trust infinite potential to grow is inherent in people, organizations and communities. We trust all the resources required to live a life of fullness and purpose are present within.

Our work at Ananta seeks to unlock this growth by surfacing blocks and limitations seated deep inside and restricting growth. This enables leaders to connect with the inherent resources and emerge new potentialities.

We trust engaging the power of collective mind enables surfacing these new potentialities into existence.

At Ananta, we seek to emerge new potentialities for our clients, and support their materialization.

Our Guiding Principles

Our experience, learning and research over past two decades has led us to few core principles that guide our everyday work.

  • We trust the ‘Need to Grow’ is natural to people, organizations, and communities, that there is a natural tendency to grow, and the resources for growth are within.

  • Systems need interventions to surface limiting blocks and beliefs. Every good business story has a conflict and triumph at the core and a turning point where a transformation takes place.

  • Transformation is facilitated through facilitating shifts in the root perspectives of the organizations, communities and individuals we serve. 

Our Work


Our work is serving the inherent need to grow in all living things. We facilitate sustainable growth in organizations and individuals through creating a context that harnesses the potential of a collective mind. We trust work places become creative and thrive when people bring their wholesomeness to work.


We facilitate the process of growth through expanding the world view and facilitating shifts in root perspective. Our interventions enable growth through providing a challenging interactive environment for leaders to explore and gain insights about their systems and themselves


Our expertise is drawn from work with SMEs, family-owned enterprises, professional-turned-entrepreneur businesses, supply chain labour intensive industries. By focusing our services on these areas of expertise, we aspire to provide a relevant and impactful experience.

Our Services

Growth Facilitators

We trust transformation starts at the top. It is imperative for the leading team to be fully on-board with the changes the organization aspires for.

Resilience Training and Coaching

Resilience is a learned skill to persist in the face of adversity. Building resilience enables us to stay positive and focused, uncover opportunities in disruptions, consistently adapt and transform ourselves and systems we are a part of.

Consulting Fashion and Apparel

Fashion industry holds high potential to make an impact, positive or negative. We trust with the right strategy and mindset, it is possible to grow sustainably and make a positive impact while doing so.

Our People

Shalini Matai

Leadership Development Lead, Founder, Facilitator

Shalini is an affiliate with Aberkyn, a McKinsey & Company owned leadership development firm since early 2015, and has over 10 years of experience in the field of facilitating transformation and coaching


Lalit Matai

Consulting Lead, Founder, Facilitator

Lalit specializes in investment strategy and transformational design/implementation. He serve New York-based private equity firm whose mission is to transform the global supply chain in South and South East Asia.